What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where the provider rewards the affiliate for each visitor referred by that affiliate who purchases a product on their website.


How does the Club WPress affiliate program work?

The Club WPress affiliate program is quite simple. When you access your affiliate space, simply generate a custom URL or copy your default URL and share it by placing a text or banner link on your website, blog or social network.

When a person accesses Club WPress via their affiliate URL, a cookie is placed on their browser. If he places an order on our website within 60 days, you will receive a commission.
After reaching a minimum gain of 10€ or equivalent in other currencies, a transfer via Paypal will be sent to you.


How much can I earn?

We pay 40% for the first subscription on our website then 30% for the following. Your earnings will therefore be continuous through recurring commissions.

For example :

If a lead you’ve referred buys a monthly subscription, you will receive 10.90€ * 40% = 4.36€ for the first month then 10.90€ * 30% = 3.27€ the following months.

If a lead buys an annual subscription, you will receive 90.90€ * 40% = 36.36€ for the first year then 10.90€ * 30% = 27.27€ the following years.


Important note

Affiliate links depend on the visitors, who store our tracking cookie on their web browser. If your lead’s browser blocks cookies, we will not be able to track the lead back to the respective affiliate.
Moreover, our cookie is valid for 60 days, which means that if the lead chooses not to purchase on our website within the 60 days period, the cookie will expire. Thus we will not be able to identify the origin of the lead.

To protect us against fraud and undue costs, we operate within the framework of a 30-day delayed payment policy. If a transaction is cancelled or refunded within 30 days of the purchase, no commission will not be paid for that sale.


When will I get paid?

Once the 30-day delay period has elapsed, you can request for your available earnings to be transfered via PayPal.