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Speed ​​up your website in minutes

WP Rocket is the most powerful caching plugin in existence today. It will allow you to greatly improve the speed of your WordPress site, SEO rankings and conversions. All of this very easily.

WordPress professionals recommend WP Rocket to their client and get fabulous results.

High performance

Upon installation, WP Rocket improves your site’s loading time.
Enjoy the results in just a few clicks!

Easy to use

You don’t have to be an expert to reap the full benefits. WP Rocket configures best practices for web performance automatically.


Why is the speed of your website so important?

40% of people who visit a web page leave immediately if the loading time takes more than 3 seconds. Vogtre website must therefore be optimized for speed with in particular a caching system.

Beyond that, we know very well that speed is an important element taken into account in search engine algorithms. In other words, page speed is an SEO ranking factor, the faster your pages load, the more Google will like them.

A reliable and widespread solution

From personal blogs to large ecommerce stores, WP Rocket is already powering a lot of websites

For bloggers

You write great articles, but your site’s bounce rate increases. Make your blog faster with WP Rocket and keep your loyal readers!

For freelancers and agencies

Building beautiful WordPress sites is good but you still need to make them fast and convert your visitors. WP Rocket takes care of the speed optimization while you focus on content.

For your e-commerce

57% of consumers will abandon your store if the load exceeds 3 seconds. WP Rocket has dedicated e-commerce optimizations, compatibility with WooCommerce guaranteed.

Features of WP Rocket

To make your website really lightning fast, WP Rocket is the way to go for faster load times!

Page caching

Caching is just essential! It speeds up the loading of your site: the real key to boosting your SEO and increasing your income.

Cache preload

WP Rocket preloads your pages automatically with each update. Your visitors get the latest cached content on your site right away!

Browser caching

Images, JS and CSS files are stored in the local memory of desktop, tablet and mobile browsers.


GZIP compression

WP Rocket’s GZIP compression reduces the size of web pages on the server and decompresses them in the browser. Your server bandwidth decreases and you can accommodate more visitors simultaneously.

Optimization of e-commerce stores

Your e-commerce will work quickly. In addition, WP Rocket excludes sensitive pages from the cache to avoid interference with the shopping flow.

Excellent compatibility

Have peace of mind: WP Rocket is compatible with the most popular themes and plugins and works with the best managed WordPress hosting.

Cached pages, super-fast load time

Google and other search engines love fast websites.
When your page load times increase, your readers will get bored and abandon you.
Don’t let that happen: enjoy caching with WP Rocket!

WP Rocket caches your pages by creating static HTML files and making them readily available to future visitors.
It also enforces browser caching, instructing the browser to store commonly used but rarely updated files in its local cache.

Make your files lighter

Optimal loading time also depends on the amount of files uploaded to your website.

With WP Rocket, you can shrink and combine your site’s CSS and JS files, making them faster and lighter, and reducing page size.

You can optimize the delivery of CSS and JS files by opting for lazy loading. This will eliminate resources blocking rendering. Delay the loading of these files so that the content is immediately visible to your visitors. The visitor begins to read your page even before the page is fully loaded.
Again, no need for programming knowledge: everything is done with one click.

Media files loaded only when needed

WP Rocket changes the way images and iframes are displayed on your site.
With the integrated LazyLoad, loading of images and iframes is done only when the object is in the view of the users.
LazyLoading will do your advantage!
WP Rocket can also take care of WebP images by creating a separate cache file to serve them.

Instant cache preloading

WP Rocket ensures that your visitors get the most recent and cached versions of your site immediately.

You can preload your content manually or do it automatically. The preloading will be done as soon as WP Rocket clears the cache of posts / pages / other post types.

A tidy database for a successful website

A cleaned and optimized database works more efficiently and therefore helps speed up your site.
WP Rocket provides a set of dedicated options to keep your database light and fast.

Clean up comments, posts and transients, optimize your tables, and schedule automatic cleanups.

Improve availability and reduce latency

When your site is international, a CDN server can become essential. Visitors far from where your server is located will be able to download it from relays closer.

If you already have a CDN, you can integrate it into WP Rocket very easily.
You can also use RocketCDN, WP Rocket’s custom CDN.

Other features to go further

WP Rocket add-ons extend the available options including:

• Google tracking
• Facebook pixel
• Integration with Cloudflare
• Integration with Sucuri the Security plugin


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